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...Synergism For Change

From the Pioneer President - How it all started

The Nigerians in Göttingen group was created when the need to bring every Nigerian in our city arose. In October of 2015 when I came to Göttingen, I started to notice that we had a lot of Nigerians in Göttingen who didn’t know themselves, and the few of us who knew one another were operating in little groups of a few friends. The funny aspect was if you belonged to a group, it was really...

Mohammed Yamah

The Immediate Past President - How it continued

The association was borne out of the need to bring together Nigerians studying and living in Göttingen in order to leverage on our collective strength to cater to our overall welfare....

What's Your Interest...?

From the President - As we March Into The Future...

This is a clarion call to us all to, together, take our futures in our hands and take the Nation to that place we so yearn for by taking action and doing those things we know will benefit our country, Nigeria. Nothing can stop us unless we stop ourselves and nobody will do it for us unless we do it ourselves.

We all know the problems. Each of us can list at least 100 within seconds but how many solutions have we proofread?

I implore all of us, in our own little and big ways, to make the future of this association in general and Nigeria in particular as great as we possibly can so we can hand over a future we will be proud of to our children and grandchildren. No good deed is too small nor any helping hand too fragile, so far it was offered in good faith and it is even those so called little things that make the biggest impact.

My question to you is - "What "little" thing are you doing for Nigeria today?"

Thank you.

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